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This website is designed to give some general information to patients and physicians to help them make informed decisions on knee and hip surgery. Dr Prakash is a Knee and Hip specialists to the general public and sports people alike. This includes painful conditions of knees and hips, outcomes of surgery, and potential pitfalls.

Specialist Knee Surgeon in Birmingham

Mr Prakash – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Prakash specialises predominantly in knee procedures (knee surgeon offering knee surgery) and hip procedures especially for young adults (age 20-65). He routinely performs surgery related to sports injuries and arthritis.

His approach is to try and preserve the joints for as long as possible, while giving his patients a good quality of life. He also offers conservative treatments such as keyhole surgery and injection therapies.

Mr Prakash is a member of a number of associations and awarding bodies however is an executive of the British Association for Surgery of the knee.

For six years I was in pain, I was unable to stand for any length of time and my posture was not good and I found the normal routine of life quite difficult. I was referred to Mr Prakash and the treatment and care I received was excellent. Within seven months, I had joint replacements for both my knees.

Sheila Smallman

Divya Prakash may well be a leading knee and hip specialist but I can tell you from personal experience, he does a pretty excellent job with arms too!

Thanks very much

Paul Brighton

I had been in pain for four years and my life severely restricted after septic arthritis in my hip. My life changed when I was referred to Mr Prakash. His explanations of my condition were clear and easy to understand and gave me renewed confidence, and after the operation I felt a great weight lifted from me.

From only being able to get around on crutches before the operation, I am now totally independent and even more active than before the problem. I now go to the gym three times a week and do a lot more walking. A big ‘thank you’ to Mr Prakash and his team.

Terry Smallman, Your Content Goes Here

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    British Association for Surgery of the knee in Birmingham
    British Orthopaedic Association - Dr Divya Prakash is a member of the BOA as a knee surgeon and hip specialists in Birmingham
    General Medical Council - Dr Divya Prakash is a member of the GMC
    Royal College of Surgeons - Dr Prakash knee surgeon and knee surgery in birmingham