Custom Made Knee Replacement

Custom Made Knee Replacement provided in Birmingham by Prof. Prakash

Custom Made Knee Replacement

Every knee is unique and that makes it difficult to mimic its natural joint lines by prosthesis that are available on the shelves. While in most cases, the mass-produced knee prosthesis function sufficiently well, the customized knee replacement offers unique advantages not possible with off-the-shelf implants. The custom-made prosthesis reproduces accurately your specific knee and the neutral mechanical alignment of your body (called HPA alignment, standing for Hip, Knee, Ankle).

Because off-the-shelf implants aren’t designed to your specific anatomy, surgeons often have to compromise on implant fit, rotation, and alignment. These compromises may cause pain or discomfort after surgery.

The custom-made knee protheses that will match your unique anatomy, providing a more natural feeling and better fit. There is potential for less pain, better flexion and extension as well as stability.

Your limb will be first scanned and the images linked to the manufacturing unit for the prosthesis. The images will be first analysed by the engineers and a provisional plan made for the surgeon. These images and plans are then sent to the surgeon who will make amendments and suggestions which he fells will be the best for you.

Once the design is approved by the surgeon, the surgical instruments and the prostheses are manufactured, and sent to the surgeon for the surgery. The post-operative rehabilitation is similar to other knee replacements.

The CONFORMIS custom-made knee replacement is one of the best performing prosthesis on the market.

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