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Mr Prakash is a hip surgeon and specialist based in Birmingham, UK

Hip Procedures | Specialist Hip Surgeon

Mr Prakash is one of the leading Hip and Sports Injury Specialists in Birmingham and the UK.

Whether you are suffering with on going hip issues or whether you are a sports person who has suffered a sudden injury, mr prakash can help.

As a specialist orthopaedic surgeon in Birmingham, he can help with all issues around the Hip. This can be surgical or non surgical.

Hip Anatomy

The hip joint is one of the largest joints of the body.

Essentially a ball and socket joint, it allows movements in all three planes. A large part of the ball (head of the femur or thigh bone) is covered by the socket (acetabulum) which is part of the pelvis.

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Hip Arthritis

Broadly speaking, there are two types of arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Inflammatory.
  1. Osteoarthritis – due to mechanical damage.
  2. Inflammatory arthritis, for example, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis.

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Total Hip Replacement

A total hip replacement is surgery to replace the diseased cartilage and bone of the hip joint.

It involves removal of the diseased ball and socket, while preserving as much soft tissue structures (joint capsule and ligaments) as possible.

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Specialist Knee and Hip Surgeon

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About Mr Prakash

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About Mr Prakash
British Association for Surgery of the knee in Birmingham
British Orthopaedic Association - Dr Divya Prakash is a member of the BOA as a knee surgeon and hip specialists in Birmingham
General Medical Council - Dr Divya Prakash is a member of the GMC
Royal College of Surgeons - Dr Prakash knee surgeon and knee surgery in birmingham


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